Water Spinach before Bitter Melons

In August of 2014, we set out on a documentary project to explore the lives of water spinach farmers in Rosharon, Texas. While developing the WATER SPINACH doc, I wondered why we weren't talking about Cambodian food in public conversations. I was also curious about the lives of other Cambodian-American women across the United States. Inspired by Cambodian food and the desire to connect, I began a project of on-camera interviews with Cambodian-American women. While in Texas, we met two amazing, thoughtful and soulful Cambodian-American women (Marya from Houston and Elaine from Austin) and dove deep into conversations around our shared experiences as women growing up between cultures. Over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll share clips from those interviews that highlight FOOD, FAMILY and the PAVING OF OUR OWN PATHS.

In this first clip, Elaine Heng, writer and food blogger, shares her love for Austin, TX and Cambodian food: 

Cinematographer: Herman Asph

Location Sound: Michael Almadova

PA: Kayla Haug