Making a movie is hard. I’m facing obstacle after obstacle; creative, logistical, financial and sometimes even personal. The greatest challenge, though, is not getting caught up and drowning in the obstacles. The challenge is remembering to hold onto the life boat, the raft that keeps me afloat so that I can keep moving, breathing, and flowing with the currents of this tide we call making a movie. My life boat, time and again is experiencing this feeling of “life” when I talk about the story of SOPHIA's journey. The fire in my belly that burns when I talk shot listing, blocking and camera set up with my co-producer husband. The vision I get when I see the film in my dreams, in my head, and in my heart. I live with this film every day and I’m hungry to get it out – to make it a tangible reality and to see it come alive.

None of this is for the chase of "success". I know how fleeting this all is. Life, breath, waking. It doesn’t last. I want to make sure that I contributed my part to making some bit of difference, that I added to the story of uplifting our humanity, that I'm leaving behind something of value. Although this film is a first in a long time, I'm going to approach it like it could be my last. I’m going to give it all I have. This is my promise. This is my why.  

Thavary KrouchComment