It Feels like the Upside Down

The world felt like we were living in the Upside Down since last week’s election results (for those of you who haven’t seen Netflix’s Stranger Things, the Upside Down refers to a parallel universe inhabited by the Monster -- a place of cold darkness and decay). Over a week has passed, and we’re left with the question of where do we go from here. How do we make what feels upside down, right side up?

I’ve been pondering these questions over the past week, and one thing is for sure: I have to keep making films. I have to keep making work that matters, and I have to do it now. There is no more waiting for the “perfect time” because the perfect time may never come. I used to think that if only I had more time and money, only then will I write more, only then can I comfortably make more. The truth is, I will never have enough time or money. The truth is, comfort does not inspire. It is the discomfort of our lives that shakes us from complacency. It is the tension that comes with uncertainty and pain that signals us to shift our energies and perspectives. That's where the growth is, and I have faith that we will grow from this, as a nation, as individuals, and as makers.

This is how I will fight the good fight: continue to make films. If it makes a difference in just one person, then I’ve done my job. This commitment requires that I embrace the discomfort that comes with disappointment. I know that’s where the gold is. That’s where the light is. That’s how we defeat the Monster.